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    Robie House’s rockstar visitor

    While Jack White was hanging out on 57th Street, we hope he stopped by the Oriental Institute, too. White performs at the Chicago Theatre tonight.

    Fun fact: Did you know… the University of Chicago Magazine staff’s offices used to be in Robie House?

    Photo courtesy Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, flwright.org

    If you got to hang out at the Robie House, you’d be smiling too - that place is pretty.

    Poor Jack White. Now he’s totally over-correcting with the smiling.


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    Lee’s Liquor


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    Essential site to bookmark for Chicago summertime shenanigans, along with Is There a Cubs Game Today?

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  5. The Dismemberment Plan - What Do You Want Me to Say

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    What Do You Want Me to Say - The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I


  6. July 22, 2009


    • Every time frat boys fist bump, a suburb gets its Buffalo Wild Wings.

  7. wordishness:

    I’m still laughing.