1. pocketcuntents:


    Dear Special K commercial:

    Where on Earth do little girls sell donuts door to door?

    And how can I buy a house there?


  2. They are going to hustle and they are going to fight, no matter what,” Haley said. “That’s Chicago, a blue-collar city.

    ‘These young men are heroes’: Jackie Robinson West wins do-or-die game - Chicago Sun-Times (via gapers)

    These kids. Such a great story and it’s still unfolding.

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  3. toseethis:

    This asshole, with his $800 boat phone

    Save $340

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  4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

    plays: 30



  6. "boner-golem" is my new favorite term. A++++


  7. 5feet12inches:

    Stand Down Margaret - The Beat, 1982

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