1. calumet412:

    Phone Bank, 1965, Chicago,  Alan Zirlin

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  2. (sorry photo credit unknown)

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  3. gapers:

    Nick Ulivieri (ChiPhotoGuy) captured plenty of photos of the several storms that rolled through Chicago this weekend. On Friday, we shared his tips on how to shoot lightning well.


  4. renbostelaar:

    #180: 30-3-2012 - Lakeview Diner, Toronto


  5. renbostelaar:

    #124: 3-2-2012 - Dakota Tavern, Toronto


  6. minusmanhattan:

    North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan by Olivo Barbieri.


  7. renbostelaar:

    Stadhuis, Oud-Beijerland, 2005