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    Dogs Crap Here via North Talk Facebook page


  3. stuffaboutminneapolis:

    Devo at the Walker Art Center, November 3, 1978 by Project: onewe


  4. stuffaboutminneapolis:

    Prince American Bandstand Debut (1980) by AbzPunkPhoto

    Prince sings “I Wanna Be Your Lover” & “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad”, Dick Clark interviews Prince between the songs.

    RIP Dick, you will be missed.


    Late 70s/Early 80s Disco Prince LYING ABOUT HIS AGE (he is 22 at this time, not 19) and HOLDING UP HIS HAND WITH 4 FINGERS IN DICK CLARK’S FACE instead of actually speaking the number “4” and acting in general, like a shy toddler in hot pants.


  5. St. Paul’s finest.



  7. The Hopefuls - Let's Go!

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    The Olympic Hopefuls* - Let’s Go!

    I can’t believe I just heard this on the radio, I love this song! 

    I found these guys entirely on accident back in like, 2005? I was in St. Paul visiting my parents for Christmas and I saw a local “best of” article about them in the ST. PAUL NEWSPAPER of all places. I dug their matching tracksuits and eventually remembered to look them up ON A COMPUTER LIKE GOD INTENDED. And then had to take 2 steps back and buy their CD in the mail but the point IS this album is a ton of fun and they are so much fun to see live. Even though that Applewick guy left to play bass for Tapes N Tapes.

    I don’t even know if these dudes are still together, but some good times have been had listening to this album.

    *Yes, I know they are just “The Hopefuls” now, but not when this album was originally released back before the official Olympic committee made them change it.